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How do I know which size face mask I should order?

Face masks come in a variety of sizes: Child (small, medium, and large) and Adult (small, medium, and large).  The mask dimension is the approximate width of the mask.  The nose to chin measurement will increase with the size.  Please reference to the picture for approximate dimensions.

From our experience, most women wear an adult small and most men wear an adult medium.  Women and men with fuller faces should order the next size up.

The ear slides allow the mask to be adjusted so that the mask fits comfortably on the face.

IMG_0971 (1).jpg

Child Small - Approx 7-3/8"

Child Med - Approx 7-3/4"

Child Lg - Approx 8-1/8"


Adult Small - Approx 8-1/2"

Adult Med - Approx 8-3/4"​

Adult Lg - Approx 9-1/2"

Returns, Exchanges, & Refunds

Due to health reason, no returns or exchanges on face masks & Nanofiber technology filters


Small Fit


Medium Fit


Large Fit

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